“To eat figs off the tree in the very early morning, when they have been barely touched by the sun, is one of the exquisite pleasures of the Mediterranean.”
― Elizabeth David

When I started in this hobby a couple of years ago, I had some gaming under my belt already. I’d been down the RPG path. I’d played a little Magic on the hallway floors of my highschool, but board games? Like… Risk? Clue?

I was yet to be indoctrinated in the ways of Euro boardgaming when I strolled into Snakes & Lattes in Toronto for the first time. This was a new world. When my wife and I sat down with her brother from British Columbia, we played Carcassonne, Tsuro, and then we asked the local guru what else we should play. He recommended Finca. We played it, and I bought it the same day.

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Pack O Game Collection Preview

A few days ago I did a preview of HUE, a colourful and tiny little card game to be featured in the Pack O Games Kickstarter coming on August 4th from Chris Handy. HUE was very cool… but there are other tiny games in this collection… and they’re small! How small? So small, all five of my preview games can fit in my pocket – at the same time.

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Pack O Game Preview: HUE

Finally! A review of some new pez flavours! No…

Chris Handy pinged me on Twitter a couple weeks ago to ask if I wanted to preview his Pack O Game set, coming to Kickstarter on August 4th. You may be familiar with Chris through his previous games, like last year’s fantastic Cinque Terre or 2009’s Long Shot. The Pack O Games collection of card games is a bit different from that other fare. To begin with, it’s much smaller. How small? It’s so small… I can easily fit all five games in my pocket… at the same time.

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Going, Going, GONE!

I’ve been playing games for a long time, but my reintroduction to modern designer board games only happened in the fall of 2012. At that time, Agricola was the hot game, and when I finally picked up my own copy of the game, I went online to try and learn it. This was my introduction to Scott Nicholson, who ran a Youtube channel devoted to board games called “Board Games With Scott“. Beginning with a silly Ricola advert parody, Scott taught me how to play Agricola, step by step, and I immediately knew that this was a smart guy with a silly edge of wit.

Sadly, by that time, Scott had already moved on from his video channel, spending more time on his studies of transformative games and the process of gamification. He was also working on a game of his own.

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