Can’t make it to GenCon?

How did GenCant happen?

The morning before GenCon 2014 lifted off, I felt a bit under the weather. I wasn’t going to make it to the event, and I was a bit depressed by that. I knew that there were likely a bunch of others who weren’t going to make it also, but… wait – that’s it!

I posted a tweet to find out who else wasn’t going, and asked them to retweet if they weren’t, and within only a few minutes, @425suzanne responded with the now infamous “GenCant” line. The rest was history. Hundreds of retweets happened, and we birthed the #GenCant2014 movement from the comfort of our computers. It was so appropriate.

The tag exploded in the online universe just as GenCon was exploding in Indianapolis. People posted pictures and videos of their sad comparisons with GenCon, and we all commiserated and laughed.

It was a way for people who couldn’t attend the convention to easily identify each other, and be grumpy together, and it worked! Soon, we had a website, a contest with prizes being donated from all over the place, and plenty of submitted content (like this awesome video)! It’s amazing how the communal absence from the event could bring so many people together, laughing and making jokes about it, and wanting to contribute.

I just wanted to say a big thankyou to everyone who has donated or created or gifted something to our little wave. You either have, or will make someone pretty happy.

Cheers, GenCanters!

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