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Back in the summer of 2013, Tim Fowers posted his Kickstarter page for Paperback, not expecting that it would pass it’s goal line for funding in four days and go on to fund at over 700% of it’s initial goal. It was a big hit in the Kickstarter world… and I missed it entirely.

Paperback (for those who haven’t heard yet) is a deckbuilding word game. If you’re familiar with Dominion (the granddaddy of the genre), you’re halfway to understanding how Paperback plays… you just need to substitute the knights and wizards on the Dominion cards with letters and letter combinations. It’s a genius mix – and it works beautifully.

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Pack O Game Collection Preview

A few days ago I did a preview of HUE, a colourful and tiny little card game to be featured in the Pack O Games Kickstarter coming on August 4th from Chris Handy. HUE was very cool… but there are other tiny games in this collection… and they’re small! How small? So small, all five of my preview games can fit in my pocket – at the same time.

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Pack O Game Preview: HUE

Finally! A review of some new pez flavours! No…

Chris Handy pinged me on Twitter a couple weeks ago to ask if I wanted to preview his Pack O Game set, coming to Kickstarter on August 4th. You may be familiar with Chris through his previous games, like last year’s fantastic Cinque Terre or 2009’s Long Shot. The Pack O Games collection of card games is a bit different from that other fare. To begin with, it’s much smaller. How small? It’s so small… I can easily fit all five games in my pocket… at the same time.

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